St. Thomas Flight Centre

Online Ground Learning

Why St. Thomas Flight Centre?


With an uncontrolled airfield and practice areas extremely close, you get more training minutes out of EACH Hour. No more waiting in the take-off cue with the Hobbs meter ticking over wasting Your Money!!


At STFC you can train with a single instructor. Your trainer will have been with you on your previous lesson and can compare your performance between lessons.

Collegial Atmosphere

At STFC we are ALL Pilots and we Love to Fly! We share a serious commitment to make sure that you train in a FUN Atmosphere to become a competent, SAFE Pilot

One Stop Shop

You can go from introductory flight to Commercial Multi IFR. We have the Planes. We have the Program. We have the People Everything in one Place.

Adaptive Learning

Available with PPL GS | PPL Exam Prep | CPL GS